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Everything you need to know about Holley High Voltage Experience!

Holley High Voltage Experience kicks off this July at Sonoma Raceway, in Sonoma, California. The event is for fully electric vehicles and welcomes any and all vehicles equipped such powertrains, whether originally installed or installed as a modification to an existing vehicle. The event is a two-day event that focuses on the performance-driving of fully electric vehicles.

This year’s event includes:

  • Autocross
  • 3S Challenge
  • Drag Racing Classes
  • Road Course Challenge
  • Show-N-Shine Competition
  • Wine Country Cruise
  • A large vendor midway and much more!

In order for this event to happen safely, we have created guidelines and procedures that will be in effect.  Please review and plan accordingly!

Tickets Will Be Sold Online Only

    • You will be required to have pre-purchased your tickets online. All tickets, both event participants and spectators, will be available to purchase ONLINE ONLY!
    • To participate with your vehicle in the event, click here.
    • To purchase spectator tickets, click here.
    • Kids 16 and under are free as always. You must select this additional ticket option when purchasing your tickets online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is there to do?2021-11-05T20:30:56+00:00

For those who wish to participate with their vehicle, we have several packages available: Grand Champion Pack grants you access to the autocross, 3S Challenge, Dyno challenge, Wine Country Cruise, and the Grand Champion specific Drag Class. This package includes gate passes for two people (driver plus one).

For those who do not want to participate in the Grand Champion competition, we also have a 2-day Autocross package. This allows you to run your vehicle in the autocross, dyno challenge, 3S Challenge, Wine Country Cruise, and the appropriate Show-N-Shine class for your vehicle.

For our drag racing contingent, we have a few drag classes to choose from. Please follow the link to find out more about class information. A drag race package allows a racer to participate in the  Saturday Test-N-Tune, and Sunday drag race eliminations and finals.

If you’re not into putting your pride and joy through the wringer, we also have a 2-day car show pack available. This package is great as it includes gate passes for two people, and allows you to participate in the appropriate show-n-shine class for your vehicle and the wine country cruise Thursday night before the event.

We also have a road course experience taking place. This aspect of the event includes educational training from qualified instructors along with several on-track sessions that will take place throughout the weekend.

As a spectator, you can expect to be able to enjoy watching all of these events unfold over the course of the weekend while enjoying a large vendor midway to spec out parts for your current ride or project vehicle. We will also have a large selection of food vendors on-site to keep you going!

What is the price to enter?2021-11-05T20:31:10+00:00
Do I have to be a professional driver to participate?2021-11-05T20:45:29+00:00

NOT AT ALL! Beginner, intermediate, and advanced drivers are all welcome! Even if you are just coming to hang out, there is something for you at Holley’s High Voltage Experience!

Even though there is a competitive aspect to Holley High Voltage, at the end of the day, what we want everyone to focus on are the aspects of community and fun that EV autos bring to the mix. Our multi segment events create a unique environment, bringing together the entire EV space and allowing everyone to see what each other has been working on when it comes to their own EV show car, autocross car, or mental road course time attack build.

If you’re coming to High Voltage Experience with no experience at all and want to learn how to autocross your car at the event, GREAT! You’ll have ample opportunity over the course of the weekend to learn amongst others that are here to improve their skills as well. We’ll have the ability for you to learn from any of our staff onsite regarding the best way to attack the course and how to ramp it up slowly so you’re always in control of the tempo.

The same is true on the drag strip and road course experiences. Our staff has been specially curated to ensure you are able to enjoy learning how fun getting on track is in your EV. We’re here to answer your questions and serve you during Holley High Voltage Experience and we look forward to see you there!


Do I need a helmet to participate in this event?2021-11-05T20:31:33+00:00

Yes. Helmet use is required (SA2015) for both drivers and passengers. The autocross course design will attempt to keep speeds below 45 M.P.H.  Drivers and passengers must provide their own helmets and motorcycle helmets will not be allowed on the autocross, or road course.

Drag racing helmet standards are different. DOT motorcycle helmets are accepted in this capacity, but SA2015 helmets are also welcome (and encouraged)!

Will there be charging at the track?2022-06-30T19:13:48+00:00

Great question. As with the majority of racetracks in the country, there is no fast charging capability onsite at Sonoma. However, we do have some great news to share! We are working with Sonoma track management to provide maintenance charging for up to 40 cars, with a potential for more charging stations to be added. Please stay tuned as these details become available. While we would love to be able to provide onsite charging for participants and spectators alike, these chargers will be available only as a priority service for participants (not including car show). Autocross and drag racers will be using those when they are off-track in order to make sure their batteries stay topped off. Please read below to learn more about the charging infrastructure we’ll have available for participants at High Voltage Experience.

Onsite charging at High Voltage Experience will be a controlled service. Track staff will be triaging participants, ensuring that those who need the charge will be able to utilize these services throughout the weekend. Each of the NASCAR garage bays will be supplied with a NEMA 14-50 receptacle to accommodate most vehicle chargers on the market and each will charge at a minimum of 35 amps.

Our recommendation to participants is to ensure they arrive in the Sonoma area with enough charge and make sure to top off at a charging station prior to arrival on Saturday morning.

For those with Teslas, Sonoma is within close proximity to three Tesla Supercharger installations. We’ve provided the address and location and estimated travel times for each of those locations for convenience below. There are many other chargers in the area, but we have highlighted the three that are closest to the track. Please use your Tesla screen to dial other available chargers that may be of use during your stay in the area.

For those with non-Teslas, other charging stations are located throughout the area. Please reference Plugshare.com or your favorite charging app on your mobile phone to source charging as needed.

Novato has 20 stations and is 12 minutes Sonoma.
Petaluma has 20 stations and is 34 minutes from Sonoma.
Vallejo has 14 stations and is 24 minutes from Sonoma.

Where do I register my vehicle to participate?2021-11-05T20:32:30+00:00
What vehicles are welcome to participate?2021-11-05T20:32:14+00:00

Any vehicle that is powered by a fully electric powertrain is welcome! Any year, make or model vehicle accepted. That means homebuilt EV swaps are welcome too! Please, NO rental or TURO cars due to insurance requirements.

Can I park my trailer inside the venue in close proximity to my show car in the event that it rains?2021-11-05T20:32:20+00:00

High Voltage Experience will have specific areas for you to park your rig/trailer if you are hauling your vehicle to the event. All trailers will be located in a designated area inside the facility with a reasonable distance in the event they need to be accessed during the show.

For Car Show Participants: It is advised to bring some sort of car cover or pop-up that can protect your vehicle in the event of rain. Early registration starts Friday at noon and lasts until 7 p.m.

How can I get involved with High Voltage as a sponsor or vendor?2021-11-05T20:32:54+00:00

For vendor and sponsorship opportunities for the High Voltage Experience, please contact FM3 Marketing at 855-346-1369, ext. 2.

Still Have Questions? Please email highvoltage@holley.com and we will get back to you. We are looking forward to seeing you in Sonoma!

I can no longer attend. How do I request a refund?2021-11-05T20:29:34+00:00

Sorry to hear that, please email highvoltage@holley.com. Please note that no refunds will be issued. The exception to the rule is that refunds will be issued entirely in the event High Voltage can’t happen due to the current pandemic.

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