“If you have a penchant for EVs and ever find yourself perusing YouTube, chances are you’ve stumbled across the electric personality of Rich Benoit. Rich is the creator of the YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds and is the owner of The Electrified Garage, a service repair center devoted to filling the void existent in the third-party repair market for electric vehicles.

Holley is excited to announce that Rich and his co-host Steven Salowsky, the masterminds behind their YouTube content, are confirmed for Holley High Voltage. They’ll be joined by a couple of their well-known electric projects, Delores, the car that started it all, and their Tesla Cyberquad project.

We’re not sure what kind of tomfoolery the duo will get themselves into while onsite at High Voltage, but we hope you’re looking forward to spending the weekend with both Rich, Steve, and the rest of the Holley team. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for November 13-14th.”